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Jun 27 2009

The little engine that could.

That was the inspirational anecdote today from another corps member.  It’s like we’re all little engines that thought they could.

I think I can.

I think I can.

I think I can.

The other tidbit of greatness today was when a corps member referenced a quote from that his father used to say in regards to going to church.  He said that church wasn’t something that you go to, but something you need to come from.  In that same way, the most important thing right now.. on the eve of leaving for institute.. isn’t that I am going to it.  The most important thing is that I am coming from it.

And I will be a teacher.

LA.. here I come.

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  1. Linnea

    I love hills, they make me strong.
    I love hills, they make me strong.
    I love hills, they make me strong.

    That’s what a marathon runner I know always tells himself when he’s motivating himself to run a little faster up the hills. But it’s kind of the same mantra you have. You can apply it for anything you do in the world.

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